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Your birth control choice is easier than you may have imagined with Today Sponge.

Your birth control choice is easier than you may have imagined with Today Sponge.

Are you sick of using condoms? Do you dread your birth control shot every few months almost as much as your diaphragm? 

You're not alone, and you don't have to keep using the same birth control methods anymore. Try something new by using FDA approved contraceptive, Today Sponge. Today Sponge is a hormone free, barrier sponge. It is inserted vaginally before sex and can be worn for 30 hours, protecting you from pregnancy for up to 24.

Today Sponge is hormone free, meaning it won't affect your menstrual cycle or cause hormonal mood swings which can often be associated with other birth control methods.

In addition, it doesn't have to be removed during other sexual acts. Enjoy oral sex with your partner and a smooth transition into other intimate moments without having to pause to roll on a condom. With a trusted partner, no condom is necessary with Today Sponge, giving you both an extra close sensation you may have never had before.

Although it is worn vaginally, most men will not notice the sponge, as it mimics the look and feel of your vaginal tissue. 

According to a clinical efficacy study, Today Sponge was 89-91 percent effective. This means of every 1,287 acts of intercourse, only one pregnancy resulted while using this method of birth control. As you become more used to inserting and removing Today Sponge, your chances of pregnancy decrease, as with any birth control, using it correctly is what matters most. 

Remember to only use Today Sponge when you need it, and remove it carefully once it's no longer necessary to wear it.

Today Sponge requires no prescription and is available at numerous retail sellers including Duane Reade and CVS. Visit our website for more information or other frequently asked questions.