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What are the non-hormonal methods of birth control?

Here are a few types of non-hormonal birth control.

Here are a few types of non-hormonal birth control.

If you are looking to be more spontaneous in bed, go with a non-hormonal birth control method. Once you make this choice, there are plenty of options out there. The good news is that many of them are effective at preventing unwanted pregnancy, so it is a matter of personal opinion of which one to rely on.

Here are a few types for you to consider:

  • Copper IUD: This is a birth control method that is more permanent. The Copper IUD can last for up to five years before being replaced, while having no impact on fertility after it is removed.
  • Lea contraceptive: While this is a reusable birth control method, it can offer you protection for up to eight full hours. It can also be inserted before you have sex, which can give you a great deal of privacy before you are intimate.
  • Contraceptive sponge: The benefits of a sponge is that they enhance the effectiveness of other birth control methods, such as condoms, while also working well on their own. Sponges can also be used multiple times, no matter how often you have sex while it is in. A contraceptive sponge, like the Today Sponge, is also very effective, with a rate of only one pregnancy for every 1,300 acts of intercourse. You also do not need a prescription for it, as you can simply purchase a pack inexpensively at a local drug store.

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