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What are the common side effects of birth control pills?

Here are a few possible side effects of the pill.

Here are a few possible side effects of the pill.

Hormonal contraceptives are common among women, even though they can have side effects ranging from mild to agonizing. If you are thinking of changing up your birth control method, consider going for something that is non-hormonal, such as a contraceptive sponge.

This alternative can help you bypass side effects that you might have experienced personally or heard about from friends or family members. If you aren’t sure what the side effects of hormonal birth control methods can include, this blog post will dive into some of the frequently experienced ones.

Here are a few of the most common side effects:

  • Decreased libido: While you want the pill to keep you from getting pregnant, that doesn’t mean you want to stop having sex! The pill can actually have a negative impact on your sex drive, something that will not happen with a sponge. In fact, sponges are perfect for those impromptu moments with your significant other.
  • Headaches and dizziness: The pill can often leave you feeling woozy or with a pounding headache, particularly after you first begin taking it. While these effects generally go away, you will want to consider switching to something else if they persist frequently.
  • Nausea: Because the pill is something you take internally, you could experience nausea as your body gets used to the new chemical you are ingesting. The great thing about contraceptive sponges is they have no permanent impact on your body, as they can be put in and taken out at your discretion.

If you are interested in exploring birth control options without hormones, be sure to check out our product at your local drug store or pharmacy.