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Could marriage make you happier?

Marriage may bring you even closer than you could have ever thought.

Marriage may bring you even closer than you could have ever thought.

Did you just get engaged? Married? Been with the same guy forever? Science indicates you two may be happier together than your single counterparts.

According to a recent study from researchers John F. Helliwell and Shawn Grover, married people are happier than those that are single. Getting married can have an overall positive effect on your life, especially when you hit your mid-life crisis. During this time, research indicates your partner can be like your "life armor" and help you through the tough times.

This finding does have a few catches though.

  • The couples have to actually like each other, as in being the best of friends.
  • Real friendship between spouses made for an overall happy, more satisfied marriage.

More data from Gallup Polls and the British Household Panel Survey indicates that those spouses who claim their partners are their best friend have double the happiness and satisfaction in their relationship, despite outside factors such as age, income and health. If you need any more reasons to marry your best friend, knowing you can both weather the hard times together should be your selling point.

Sex can spike and halt during years of marriage, and having more than sexual chemistry is vital to surviving these ups and downs. 

Being married to the same person forever means you'll most likely know he's not sleeping with someone else (unless you're both into that, which is cool too) meaning your birth control options have expanded.

Today Sponge is an FDA approved contraceptive inserted before sex. With a trusted partner (aka your husband) you don't have to fumble for a condom or find your birth control pills. A barrier method option, Today Sponge allows couples to have protected sex for up to 24 hours. 

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