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7 reasons you should be using Today Sponge

Don't pause the moment ... use Today Sponge instead.

Don't pause the moment ... use Today Sponge instead.

Today Sponge is an FDA approved contraceptive that has been on the market since 1985. If you've never used it before, you're definitely missing out! Today Sponge is an alternative birth control choice to the pill, diaphragm or female condom. Check out these top seven reasons why you should be using Today Sponge in your sex life.

1. It's 89-91 percent effective in preventing pregnancy. 

  • For every 1,287 acts of intercourse, one pregnancy resulted. 

2. Today Sponge is hormone-free so it won't affect or disrupt your period cycle. It's also safe for breastfeeding moms, though it is encouraged to ask a doctor before first time use.

3. It's hardly noticeable, once inserted, for both you and your partner.

  • Designed to be soft and comfortable, you normally won't be able to feel it if placed correctly. It mimics the feel of your vaginal walls, so your partner shouldn't notice. He's having sex… with you. Feeling the sponge will be the last thing on his mind. 

4. You don't need a prescription.

  • Goodbye annoying pharmacy drives, judging pharmacists (Hello it's 2015, why is that even still happening?!) and co-payments. Today Sponge costs between $10 and $15 depending on where you decide to buy it.

5. As long as you trust your partner and both have recently been deemed STD free, there's no need to wear a condom.

6. It can be worn for up to 30 hours.

  • Forget fumbling for condoms or trying to remember the last time you took the pill. Have sex as much as you want within the first 24-hour period!

7. You only have to use it when you need protection.

  • Who wants to have to remember to take a pill every day? Or go get a shot every three months? Instead you can protect yourself when you want, how you want and as many times as you want with one simple-to-use product.