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5 things you do that can affect your hormones

Don't let your hormones get you down.

Don't let your hormones get you down.

Hormones are one of the trickiest parts of the human body to understand. Known for their fluctuation and effect on mood and health, women's hormones can be triggered by a range of life occurrences. Keep these five known hormone changers in mind for a more positive, happy day.

  • A negative life outlook: Maintaining a constant negative outlook on life is a great way to upset all your hormones. Although life can be stressful, constantly worrying about events out of your control such as morning traffic or unexpected situations will only create more stress. 
  • Being around negative people: Pick your friends wisely. Being around people that are toxic, mean or just plain awful can create a bad environment for both your mental and physical health. Be around people that bring you happiness and make you more "you."
  • Indulging in "comfort food:" According to gynecologist and author of The Hormone Reset Diet, Dr. Sara Gottfried, foods such as dairy and pasta and desserts can raise cortisol levels causing feelings of stress and weight gain. Find food substitutes for ones that you eat often and consider cutting some out of your diet.
  • Spend time with your girlfriends: Spending time with friends releases oxytocin which reduces stress and creates a feeling of happiness. Even on your busiest days or weeks, make sure to set aside time for yourself, and your girls, to enjoy together. 
  • Too heavy of a workload: Work is often a number one stress inducer for people. If your job has your stomach in knots and your nerves on edge, consider talking to a boss or fellow employee. 

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