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Pucker up: Kissing facts you need to know

Can kissing really be a workout?

Can kissing really be a workout?

Kissing has been around, well forever. Spanning cave dwellings to homes and really everywhere, a kiss is a sign of affection, interest and intimacy. Read through the following five kissing facts before you see your guy tonight. 

  • Hollywood hasn't always been like this: During the 1930s The Hays Code prevented Hollywood stars from kissing for more than three seconds on screen. In addition, couples could never kiss horizontally, and partners often slept in separate beds. Talk about tame.
  • Kissing is basically a workout: No, don't just kiss and skip the gym if you're serious about your daily workout regimen, but do keep in mind that kisses count too. According to British researchers, kissing uses 146 muscles including 34 of the face. 112 postural muscles are used as well.
  • It can bring you luck: Over 400,000 tourists kiss the Blarney Stone every year. Located in County Cork, Ireland, kissing the stone is rumored to increase flattery, or "the gift of the gab." Although it has been dubbed one of the most unhygienic tourists spots in the world, the stone still beckons many with its promise of good luck. 
  • Steal some time: Experts estimate that the average person spends 20,160 minutes, or two full weeks of their lifetime kissing. Equivalent to a college spring break or honeymoon, be sure the people you kiss are actually worth such a large part of your life.
  • Tally your guys, ladies: No, not because numbers matter in terms of sexual partners, but because women have been proven to kiss an average of 15 guys before finding "the one." That's right, lucky number 15 could be just around your corner, but who's really counting?

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