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Is the dadbod your type of man?

The dadbod is the latest trend in male attractiveness.

The dadbod is the latest trend in male attractiveness.

What is the internet craze know as the dadbod? 

A firestorm of tweets, Instagram posts and public debate have surrounded the latest "best look" for men. The dadbod, a "softy round" figure is one that doesn't need to worry about his looks anymore. He can be found not counting calories at dinner, drinking racks of beer and caring for his kids. 

Some studies suggest women are attracted to the dadbod because the man who it belongs to is less intimidating than a man with a six pack or a strict gym regiment. Others believe these men are more carefree and less likely to judge a woman's appearance, an issue almost every woman still faces today.

"What women are really looking for is personality, and they just don't need a perfect body to go with it," explains Match Chief Scientific Advisor and biological anthropologist to YourTango Dr. Helen Fisher. 

Other research indicates that the two most important qualities a man can have is his looks and his personality. Although some women may cite a perfect body as a key factor in a potential partner, many cite other facets as more important. According to a survey conducted by the Opinion Research Corporation these include:

  1. Faithfulness 
  2. Dependability
  3. Kindness
  4. Moral integrity
  5. Father-like attributes.

As seen in these results, physical appearance is nowhere to be seen. Although physical appearance can be an important factor, it's not the most important one out there.

Another factor that shouldn't be overlooked though is sexual chemistry. Sex is one of the critical aspects of a relationship. Sex brings couples together in a way most other life events can't match.

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