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Are you getting it on at the right time?

Slowing it down can help increase stamina and pleasure in the bedroom.

Slowing it down can help increase stamina and pleasure in the bedroom.

When do you most enjoy having sex? According to a recent study from Oxford University, there is actually a right time to get it on, depending on your age.

The research, completed by Dr. Kelley, a clinical research associate at Oxford University's Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute found that the optimal time for sex varies due to the human body's circadian rhythms, changes related to sunlight exposure.

For those with commitments, sex earlier in the morning is often best, as it sets the tone for the day, as well as a boost to the entire circulation and sensory system. This rings most true for couples in their 30s. 

For those in their 40s, sex at night may be best. As sex is known to release oxytocin, a feel-good relaxing stimulus, having sex before bed can help couples wind down, as well as get to sleep faster. 

So now that you have timing down, what about making the experience better in general? Try making it last longer for starters. A recent study published in The Cut found that the average session between two heterosexual partners lasts for around six minutes. If this sounds familiar, there are steps you can both take to extend the moment.

For starters, slow it down from the beginning. Make foreplay a big part of the experience, as it should already be, and ensure arousal is at its peak before beginning. 

Consider conditioning your body outside the bedroom. Having better stamina is a great way to ensure you're both able to go at it for as long as possible.

Finally, focus on each other's pleasure. Doing so in the long run will often add to your own, creating a more fulfilling experience.

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