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5 kissing facts sure to sweeten your next smooch

Kissing creates a feeling of intimacy  which can lead to strong attachment and a sense of protection.

Kissing creates a feeling of intimacy which can lead to strong attachment and a sense of protection.

Ladies, take note. A recent study from the book The Rosie Project  stated the average woman will kiss 15 men before she meets "the one." Whether you've found the one, you're searching, or he's the farthest thing from your mind at the moment, take note of these five facts about kissing before you pucker up again! 

About 80,000 types of bacteria can be transferred during an "intimate" 10-second kiss: According to the journal Microbiome, up to 80,000 types of bacteria can be moved between mouths when kissing. The more often you kiss the same person, the more similar your "cooties" will be.

Calories are burned: Making out with your partner for at least 10 minutes could burn up to 150 calories. If that's not an incentive to ramp up the French kissing under the guise of "exercise," then I don't know what is.

Dopamine levels surge: Kissing someone for the first time spikes your dopamine levels. This causes a craving for more, gives us a sense of pleasure and helps us remember why we enjoyed something so much.

Feelings of attachment increase: Even just a peck goodbye before work can increase levels of attachment and connection between partners, said Psychology Today. This "bond" will develop during the first kiss and only deepens as the relationship progresses.

Two-thirds of people tilt their head the same way: Turning your head to the right is most common when it comes to kissing. A study from the journal Nature stated that this movement actually begins during gestation and continues through the first six months of life.

A bad kiss can be a deal breaker for many first dates and budding couples. But a good kiss can lead to more than just mouths meeting. If intimacy arises, use Today Sponge, a non-hormonal contraceptive that mimics the feel of your vaginal walls for a barely there sensation.