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Why are couples choosing to use Today Sponge? (Video)

Today Sponge was released in 1983, solidifying its place in the contraceptive market as the first over the counter spermicide- barrier contraceptive for females.

32 years later, the Today Sponge is still one of the most sought-out forms of birth control. It is easy to use, effective and provides 24 hours of protection.

When used as directed, it is an effective birth control. U.S. Clinical trials involving over 800 women tested over one year showed only one pregnancy for every 1,287 acts of intercourse when using the Today Sponge correctly.

Available without a prescription, Today Sponge only has to be used when needed.  Unlike a birth control pill, patch, ring or monthly shot, it's also hormone free meaning it won't cause mood swings, weight gain or other hormonal side effects.

One of the best things about the Today Sponge is its ability to create a condom free sexual experience. For a closer than close intimate moment, viable for up to 24 hours of protection, choose Today Sponge.