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Today Sponge and efficacy [Video]

Efficacy is one of the most important things to keep in mind when deciding on a birth control method.

The Today Sponge is one of the most studied over-the-counter methods of female contraception. Providing 3-way protection through a combination of barrier, absorption and spermicide, the Today Sponge mimics the vaginal walls for maximized comfort and pleasure while providing proven efficacy.

Today Sponge’s stated efficacy is 89-91%, what does that mean?

In clinical trials over 1,850 women used the Today Sponge over a 1 year period and over 230,000 acts of intercourse produced 179 pregnancies.

That is one pregnancy for every 1,287 acts of intercourse.

Repeated use also increases its effectiveness. Clinical trials for a subset of patients that continued through a second year showed that there was an increase in efficacy to 97%. This demonstrates that increasing familiarity with the Today Sponge increases success with it.

Efficacy and comfort during sex is vital, and the Today Sponge allows for a pleasurable experience while being protected from pregnancy.

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