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The benefits of a birth control with no hormones

Birth control may be one of the most important aspects of a relationship, but it shouldn’t have to define your life or how you feel on a daily basis.

Many forms of birth control are made with hormones that can affect a woman’s weight, mood, desire to have sex and overall outlook on life. Forms of birth control such as the shot or the pill may even cause women to get their period more frequently, and are not recommended to be used during breastfeeding.

Today Sponge is different.

Today Sponge is a hormone-free barrier contraceptive. Its sponge-like makeup mimics the feel of the vaginal walls, and the sponge provides unique three way protection; it blocks sperm’s path, it absorbs the sperm and it continuously releases a spermicide which quickly kills sperm on contact.

You use it only when you need it. Today Sponge doesn’t have to be worn all the time or taken every day like other forms of birth control. After inserted, the Today Sponge provides 24 hours of protection.

Its unique 3 way protection has been proven to be up to 96 percent effective in preventing pregnancy.

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