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How weird is too weird in a relationship?

What are you into when it comes to the bedroom?

What are you into when it comes to the bedroom?

Almost as old as love itself, the thought of simply being yourself to attract a potential partner has been passed along from generation to generation. If your mom has always told you to just be you, or not to change for a guy, she's actually right.

A recent study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that being weird, or a "nonconformist," is actually an appealing character trait to the opposite sex. 

Researchers studied people who identify as both straight and bisexual, asking them to select their ideal partner from online dating websites. 

They found that men and women showed a preference for partners who didn't conform through their clothing, life decisions or opinions.

That's right ladies, letting your freak flag fly actually isn't that freaky or unwanted.

If you think your sex life may be a little out there, keep some of the following information in mind from the latest scientific journal Archives of Sexual Behavior: "Kinky Women Research Study." Of the 1,580 women polled:

  • 85 percent enjoy spanking
  • 75 percent like love bites from their partner
  • 76 percent are into light bondage 
  • 65 percent of women prefer to swallow when going down on their man
  • 54 percent enjoy or have experimented with fire in the bedroom
  • 38 percent enjoy "knife play"

If you're interested in introducing something new into the bedroom, take a piece of advice from study author Jennifer Eve Rehor, a relationship therapist in San Diego. "I think it depends on the partner. But if you come at it from a playful way, and out of curiosity, that's a pretty good way to approach it."

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