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3 things you should and shouldn’t have in your bedroom

Keep your bedroom sexy with these six tips.

Keep your bedroom sexy with these six tips.

Your bedroom should be your sacred sex haven. Besides sleeping of course. Nowadays, couples and singles seem to pile everything imaginable into their bedroom, creating a cramped and messy area. Nothing says not sexy like a pile of dirty laundry or your whole shoe collection on the floor.

Keep the following three things out of your bedroom for a better sexual experience:

  • Electronics: A TV in your bedroom can kill the mood every night. Keep the TV in the living room and your phone on silent or vibrate when you hit the sheets. Things such as work emails, Twitter timelines and texting your mom have no place in sexy time.
  • Lack of self-confidence: Nothing kills the mood more than a lack of confidence. Own your body and your desires for a more intense, happy experience. Hiding under the covers or turning out the lights makes for a weird mood in the bedroom.
  • Your pet: Having your cat jump on your guy's back or your dog stare from the doorway is never a nice feeling. Keep Fifi and Fido outside for a distraction-free orgasm.

Now that you know what can make sex worse, what about the things that make sex better? Keep these in the bedroom before you close the door for a more enjoyable experience:

  • Lube: Research proves that using lube in the bedroom enhances the experience for both partners. If you're having trouble getting completely comfortable or need something a little extra, there are many different kinds of lube to try.
  • Toys: Spice up the bedroom with a new toy or range of toys. Bringing a vibrator or other extra into sex can change the everyday experience into a heightened one.
  • Your voice: Always say what you want or what works and doesn't. Being vocal is always sexy.

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