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What kind of lingerie do men actually prefer?

Does the lingerie you wear really matter to men?

Does the lingerie you wear really matter to men?

If you're wondering if your guy really cares whether you're wearing the sexy new thong you just bought, or the boyshorts you've owned too long to admit to, the answer is yes.

According to a recent study conducted by The Huffington Post, the preferences you have assumed your man likes in terms of your panty choices is probably accurate. After asking over 2,000 men what they preferred in and out of the bedroom on their significant other the results found that thongs and push-up bras are the ultimate winner.

31 percent of men said they prefer push-up bras, loving their effect even if it is only short lived. Although push-up bras seem to be the same from high school boy fantasies, bralettes came in at a close second with 30 percent of the vote. 20 percent of men said they prefer the balonette, 5 percent said they like the strapless bra and 4 percent indicated a sports bra. 

10 percent of respondents claimed they had no preference, a clear indicator that for men, boobs are boobs.

In terms of panties, 38 percent said they prefer a thong, followed closely by cheeky briefs at 34 percent. The runners up included 15 percent for the bikini cut, 5 percent for the boyshort and 4 percent no preference. 

4 percent of men said no underwear was key. Going commando is not only comfy, but it's sexy and good for intimate health as well. 

For most men, the type of lingerie you're wearing will never be a deal breaker for a hookup. As men are visual creatures to an extent, 68 percent said the only reason they would buy their lady lingerie is "to make her feel sexy." Cue the "awww's." 

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