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What does your sleeping position say about your relationship?

Your sleeping positions may actually be telling you something about your relationship.

Your sleeping positions may actually be telling you something about your relationship.

How do you and your guy sleep together? When you actually sleep in bed as opposed to other things.

According to The Daily Mail, the way you sleep together can actually tell you a lot about your relationship.

The most common couple sleeping positions include:

  • 27 percent back to back, not touching, facing away from each other 
  • 23 percent back to back touching
  • 18 percent spooning
  • 8 percent face to face then turning their separate ways to actually sleep
  • 4 percent one partner laying his or her head and arm on the other's chest
  • 3 percent face to face, not touching.

So where do you fit in? Not every couple sleeps the same, and not every couple sleeps in one of these positions every night. 

Sleeping together can create some issues such as different schedules, snoring and hogging the bed. If you and your partner don't sleep together, that doesn't mean there is anything wrong in your relationship. 10 percent of couples polled in a recent survey actually sleep apart. In addition, one in five British couples sleep separately to obtain a better night's sleep.

Some couples actually get along better when they don't force cuddling, and indicate that they have better, more relaxed slumber. If this sounds like you and your man, it's okay if you're sleeping apart, as long as you're still happy together during your waking moments.

94 percent of couples that sleep together indicated that they are happy and satisfied in their relationships. 

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