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What do women really look for in a potential partner?

Protection is essential when it comes to the bedroom.

Protection is essential when it comes to the bedroom.

What do men and women prefer most in a potential partner? According to one study, the results may not surprise you.

The study, conducted by the Chapman University in California found that gender plays a huge role in the desires of partners. 

Most of the men surveyed said they would prefer a woman with a "slender" figure, as opposed to only 50 percent of women who indicated the same. 97 percent of women instead said that a steady income was an important factor when it came to settling down, as opposed to only 74 percent of men.

Men and women who said they were satisfied with their own personal appearance placed a much more important emphasis on the appearance of their future partner.

Age also played a factor in this survey, as respondents indicated with older age that appearance, career or ultimate salary didn't matter as much as the person themselves.

As seen in common gender stereotypes, slender women and men with money seem to still be the most important facets to many, but that doesn't mean they are for everyone.

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