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The sex, secret sharing study you need to know

Orgasms can make you feel great and increase communication between you and your partner.

Orgasms can make you feel great and increase communication between you and your partner.

Orgasms benefit your sexual relationship in an obvious number of ways. Can they also improve your communication skills?

Like we really need another reason to have (a lot) of orgasms, a recent study from the University of Connecticut concluded after experiencing an orgasm, partners were more likely to share important information with others.

This ultimate, deeper connection is most likely caused by oxytocin. A release of oxytocin can increase sense of trust, reduce perception of threat and lower your amount of stress hormones. 

Lead author of the study Dr. Amanda Denes said, "Post-coital communication is likely linked to sexual and relationship satisfaction. For this reason, pillow talk may play a pivotal role in maintaining intimacy." 

This sense of trust can create an environment where people feel safe disclosing information about themselves that they possibly wouldn't have said before.

There is a catch though. A combination of sex, orgasms and alcohol may actually spell a recipe for disaster. If you have been drinking before engaging in sex, it may cause you to divulge anecdotes that you wouldn't have sober, which are oftentimes less positive. 

A study from the journal Communication Monographs and the National Communication Association indicated that partners who regularly drank great amounts of alcohol before sex had less positive communication with their partners than those that had sex sober. 

Sober, mind-blowing, orgasmic sex it is then.

Something that isn't so secretive is the protection you choose to use before sex.

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