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Is a monogamous relationship better for your health?

Being in a one partner relationship has more benefits than one.

Being in a one partner relationship has more benefits than one.

According to Glamour Magazine, staying with your high school sweetheart (sweethearts) may just be improving your overall health.

A recent study conducted at five hospitals in Saudi Arabia concluded that men with more than one wife were more likely to suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes. 45 percent were already suffering from coronary heart disease.

Although you may not be married to a man with another wife (knowingly or legally), being a part of multiple relationships could cause some of the same health strains noted here. Knowing the negatives of having more than one partner, what are the benefits of having just one?

  • Comfort level: Being committed to one person for a while often intensifies comfort levels. Your guy has most likely seen you with the worst hangover or heard you in the bathroom. And he still thinks you're sexy.
  • Emotional dependency: According to Ottawa clinical psychologist Dr. Sue Johnson, emotional dependency is beneficial for both mental and physical health. "Secure attachment – having one other person you can count on as an adult – is related to almost every index of good functioning, happiness and health," said Johnson.
  • Morning sex: A monogamous relationship may mean living together and sharing a bed. A morning orgasm can set the tone of your day by activating your entire brain… in a good way.
  • Secure relationships actually spur independence: Feeling secure and stable in your relationship can help you feel more independent and sure in other areas of your life as well.

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