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How sexy is financial responsibility?

Is sexual prowess as important as money in a relationship?

Is sexual prowess as important as money in a relationship?

According to a study recently published in Time, money matters to Millennials. It matters enough to be compared to sexual prowess, which is definitely saying something.

The study revealed that:

  • 88 percent of Millennials care strongly about financial responsibility, whereas 58 percent care strongly about sexual prowess.
  • 41 percent of Millennials believe a lot of debt is unattractive.
  • 32 percent of Millennials say high earning potential is an important part of choosing a potential partner.

A similar study conducted by found that women view financial responsibility and sexual intimacy as equally important when considering partner compatibility. Although men in the same survey prioritized sex as more important than fiscal responsibility, they did list finances above other important factors such as family planning and overall career goals.

In addition to these studies, many couples cite money and finances as the biggest conflict-causing topics in their relationships. 

Sex is also an important part of a relationship and can have both a negative and positive effect on happiness and satisfaction.

Although finances in a relationship are important, so is protection when it comes to sex.

The hormone free alternative to condoms is here. Today Sponge is inserted vaginally before sex and remains viable for up to 24 hours of protection. Unlike a condom, it can be worn for multiple sexual encounters. Different from the pill or monthly shot, users don't have to remember its upkeep, but rather to just insert it on a day they think they may have sex.

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