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How do men actually feel about love?

Is your man too passionate?

Is your man too passionate?

Who cares about love more, men or women? The most common response would be women, but a new study points to an answer in the opposite direction. 

According to a recent study conducted by the sex toy company, Lovehoney, men believe love, not lust is the key to amazing sex. The study polled 6,000 men and women about their opinions on love and sex. The study concluded that:

  • 39 percent of women believe love is the most important factor when it comes to sex.
  • 48 percent of men believe love is the most important factor in terms of sexual satisfaction.
  • 68 percent of women would trade a meaningful relationship for a blissed-out sexual experience.
  • 74 percent of men said sex could be good with someone they found attractive, but weren't completely bonded with, in comparison to just 59 percent of women.

In total, more women placed emphasis on sexual chemistry than men, with 29 percent agreeing it was the second most important thing as compared to only 14 percent of men. 

66 percent of women said it was possible to have great sex without love, as opposed to only 62 percent of men. Although this may seem like a small difference, many women wonder when men made the great leap from sexual studs to attentive, loving partners. 

Many experts believe that this shift can be attributed to the craze surrounding 50 Shades of Grey and will only continue to expand as the next installments come out.

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