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Does having a crush intensify your sex life?

Your crush could be more than just that...

Your crush could be more than just that...

If you still have a crush on the boy who sat in front of you in high school, you're not alone (or as creepy) as you may have thought.

According to a recent study found in The Independent, women who have crushes on celebrities, distant friends or anywhere in between enjoy better relationships and more intense, satisfying sex lives.

The research concluded that 70 percent of the women surveyed, who were all in long-term relationships, admitted to having crushes on other people during their time together. Although many of the women said they kept their crushes to themselves, their sex lives were impacted by their outside desire. 

This feeling of "emotional transference" and "funnelling increased sexual desire" was experienced by many of the women polled. Although a yearning for another man may be a sign of a relationship on the rocks, it's also just a natural part of being human. 

As desire comes to the forefront, it's natural to appreciate the beauty or intelligence of someone other than a partner or spouse. Recognizing the special abilities or intense appearance of someone else may even remind you of why you're with your guy and not them.

The most important aspect to remember when you're in a relationship is your happiness. If you're unhappy with the man you're with now, make a change. If you're happy, then stay where you are, and if you're somewhere in between, take some time to figure out what's best for you.

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