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Breakups may be hard, but women seem to always come out on top

A breakup may be hard at first, but women are more likely to bounce back quickly than their ex.

A breakup may be hard at first, but women are more likely to bounce back quickly than their ex.

Nobody likes ending a relationship… unless the guy was the worst. When that happens, it's still okay to be a little sad about it. Breaking up is hard to do no matter the situation, but the way you feel afterward may actually be better than you thought, and way better than how your ex is feeling.

According to a recent study conducted by researchers from Binghamton University and University College London, although women may be hit harder initially by a breakup, both physically and emotionally, that feeling does fade with time. 

The study found that once women had the time to heal, they were more able to get over their breakup as compared to their male counterparts. Researchers believe that women have gained this ability over time, as their ancestors were forced to risk more when it came to entering a relationship, so the end of it felt worse.

What many men don't think of before a breakup is the fact that they must once again compete for a woman's attention, against other suitors and their own feelings. This is when their emotional impact usually sets in, making the breakup more difficult for them to get through than their ex.

Whether your breakup is making you feel happy, sad or somewhere in-between, know that the emotion won't last forever. Take the time to get to know yourself better, especially in an intimate sense.

A break from a guy gives you time to explore what really gets you off, or how you feel most comfortable when you're in your own element.

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