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Are you having enough sex?

Are you having enough sex?

Are you having enough sex?

The question of whether or not you're having enough sex with your partner has probably crossed your mind at least once. There are many variables that influence the answer to that question, though, including age, stress levels, hormones. It's very hard to generalize how much sex people should have to keep the flame burning in a relationship. A current lifestyle blog cites statistics indicating that couples in their 20s tend to have sex around 111 times per year on average, which equates to a little over two times per week.

What we want our readers to remember is that you don't have to hold yourself to a number. It is much more important to thoroughly connect with your partner and have more meaningful sex than it is to meet a quota every week. If there has been a lull in the bedroom recently, that doesn't mean the spark isn't there anymore, it simply could mean you both have a lot on your mind and sex seems like another item on the to-do list.

Here are a few tips on how to get out of your funk and get funky in bed again:

Reminisce: Who doesn't love a trip down memory lane? Feelings associated with positive memories could ignite the flame again. A laugh, the way your partner looked at you, the first kiss. All those memories that give you butterflies can really get things going again.

Turn on some tunes: Music can fill the soul more than you think. Turn on a song you both enjoy or find a station that sets the mood. Listen to the words or dance along, whatever it takes to get in the zone.

Try something new: Surprise is half the fun when it comes to sex. A new move, going the extra mile or doing something outside your normal routine would really kick things up a notch. Why not try a different method of contraceptive? It's a whole new sensation that can really get his mind racing.