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Want a healthier heart? Sex can help with that

Make your heart beat a little faster with a little more bedroom intimacy.

Make your heart beat a little faster with a little more bedroom intimacy.

Sex is a stimulating, fun aspect of any loving relationship. Sex can also have an even more desirable effect on your overall health.

According to University Hospital psychologist and human sexuality expert Sheryl Kingsberg PhD., sex can benefit your heart health in a multitude of ways.

Having sex can:

  • Boost immune system function
  • Increase a sense of trust and wellbeing 
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Release endorphins
  • Reduce pain with the release of oxytocin and other feel-good hormones

An average of five to 15 minutes of sex will burn calories and get your heart racing. Heart rate can increase up to 120 beats per minute or more depending on how much movement is made. It can be considered a cardiovascular exercise, but it's not enough to get a full workout in. (Yes, we wish it did too.)

Sex can reduce negative emotions such as anxiety, loneliness and anger. An increase over time of these emotions or other non-positive mood changers can harm heart health and potentially increase the risk of a cardiac disease or event. 

Chances are, if you're having a lot of sex you're probably in decent shape and enjoy a somewhat active lifestyle, according to The Cleveland Clinic. Sexual desire can change over time with age or other factors, but maintaining a health-conscious heart will always be important.

While sex has not been proven to have a clear cause-and-effect relationship with heart health, there may be a connection between the two. If a possible healthier heart isn't a great excuse to have more sex, then who wants to be right? Today Sponge, a non prescription birth control can protect you from pregnancy, and with a trusted partner, create a condom-free sexual experience. Find Today Sponge at your local drugstore.