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Vaginal Health: 3 things you need to know

Here are a few tips to help you keep your vagina healthy.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your vagina healthy.

Every woman should know how to maintain their lady parts. There are so many important reasons why it is critical to know what is going on down there: healthy body, healthy sex life and better living. Obviously, an annual visit to the OB-GYN should be a standard in maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle for any woman, but you need to do your homework to pass that exam. Here are a few things any woman can do in the comfort of their own home to make sure they pass the test:

  • Drink up – H2O all the way. Our bodies are made up of the stuff so replenish it! While you're at it, cranberry juice can be your best friend.
  • pH Balance – You might think you are benefiting your vagina by over cleaning, however, you may be removing all the good bacteria that helps keep you healthy down there. Talk to your doctor about what option will allow you to maintain a health pH balance while still leaving you with that fresh clean feeling you're aiming for. There are a number of ways to make sure you're balanced while still going through your normal routine.
  • Pregnancy protection – Figure out your ideal way to prevent unwanted pregnancy and roll with it. If you find latex irritates you during the act, listen to your body trying to tell you that you need to find another birth control option.

Common sense goes a long way when it comes to taking care of yourself. Listen to your own body, and act accordingly.

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