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More sex, more money? One study claims yes

More sex could mean a happier, well payed work environment.

More sex could mean a happier, well payed work environment.

According to a recent study published in the International Journal of Manpower, having more sex with your significant other could increase your salary.

Men and women who engage in sex twice a week or more, earn 4.5 percent more than those people that have less sex.

"There is a monotonic relationship between the frequency of sexual activity and wage returns," said author of the study Nick Drydakis.

Of the 7,500 Greek nationals surveyed, it was also noted that men who don't have sex earn 1.3 percent less than other men who have any amount of sex.

Why does this occur?

There are many reasons why sex directly impacts how much money we earn. If you're having a lot of sex, chances are you are in a healthy, satisfying relationship. This happiness and satisfaction directly impact other areas of your life including work. If you're not having a lot of sex, you may be lonely, dissatisfied or unhappy, which also affects other life areas, most likely in a negative way.

The study did not reveal though that sex can improve work performance or that a higher wage means a greater work output. The study did shed light on employee health and indicated that those with less healthy lifestyles are less likely to engage in sex.

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