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Do you actually know your body?

Knowing your body better can lead to better sexual health and satisfaction.

Knowing your body better can lead to better sexual health and satisfaction.

A woman's body is something to really be marveled at. But how much do you really know about yours? Keep the following facts in mind the next time you're staring in the mirror and not pleased with what you see, or beach season has you down. The best thing about your body is that it's yours, and supports you more than sometimes many realize.

Your buttocks is the largest muscle of your whole body. The butt is tasked with keeping the whole torso upright, as well as being a seat whenever and wherever you may need one.

A recent study conducted by The University of Oxford found that women with bigger butts have been linked to being more intelligent than their counterparts, as they have more omega-3 fats which aid in brain development. The study also found that the bigger your behind may be, the less likely you are to get diabetes or suffer from heart disease, as the fat in the lower parts of the body release less cytokines, which are linked to insulin resistance, which lead to diabetes. 

But why is your posterior often bigger than your man's? In a typical woman's body, estrogen tells fat to move directly to the butt, whereas in men, fat is told to move to the stomach.

It's not all about the butt though. Your boobs are important to both you (and your guy). Your nipples may be the most important part, as they can cause you to orgasm without any below the belt interaction. Yes, it's true

But no, they don't have to match 100 percent, although they have been known to change color.

Getting to know your body better is one of the first steps toward better sexual intimacy and satisfying romantic encounters. In terms of birth control, trust Today Sponge, a contraceptive sponge available over the counter.