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Common birth control mistakes

Here are a few common mistakes people make with birth control.

Here are a few common mistakes people make with birth control.

One of the most important things to remember when deciding to use birth control of any kind is making sure that you know how to use it correctly. It can be all too easy, even for women who have used birth control for many years, to make a mistake and end up in a situation they aren't prepared for.

As long as you follow a few simple guidelines, you will be able to keep yourself free from unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. Birth control can be incredibly freeing, as long as you don't fall into these common traps.

Here are a few missteps to avoid:

  • Being inconsistent: Any type of birth control needs to be taken or used on a consistent basis. If you forget to take your pill, it may cause a hormonal imbalance which can be difficult to recover from until the next month. This can also increase the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Should you become inconsistent with your birth control plan, be sure to consult with your doctor about what the next step should be.
  • Fear of the unknown: Once you decide on a birth control method, commit. If you decide to use the sponge method, don't be afraid of what your partner will think. As long as you have the discussion before the act, you'll both be on the same page with what the experience will be like. Removing the contraceptive improperly or before it is time to do so can alter its effectiveness.
  • Using breastfeeding: There is a common misconception that while a woman breastfeeds her ovulation cycle will stop and she cannot get pregnant. While there will be an impact on your body, you never know when your ovulation cycle will start up again, so it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Wrong lubricant: For those couples sticking with condoms, you want to make sure that you don't use lubricant that will damage the latex. Oil-based lubricants such as baby oil will weaken the latex and can lead to unwanted results.

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