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4 things you should be doing for your vagina

Your vaginal health is an important part of your overall wellbeing.

Your vaginal health is an important part of your overall wellbeing.

You only get one vagina. That may be a silly thought, but when you really think about it, what have you actually done for your vagina today?

Ladies, if you have been known to wear underwear that isn't breathable, pants that are too tight or tend to sit in your wet bathing suit for hours, chances are your vagina isn't very happy with you.

Vaginal health is a critical part of a woman's health and should always be present in the back of your mind.

Keep these four tips in mind for optimal vagina happiness.

  • Get to know yourself: If you haven't grabbed a hand mirror and checked out what's downstairs yet, I'm not sure what you're waiting for. Knowing how your vagina looks can help you discover if there is a problem later on in life.
  • Understand what your sex toys are made of: Many sex toys are not regulated by the FDA. Some sex toys can throw off your pH balance or expose you to harsh chemicals. 
  • Wear cotton undies or go commando: According to clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences at Yale University Mary Jane Minkin, M.D., cotton panties are always the best choice. It allows your vagina to breathe, as well as absorbs moisture. If you're not planning on leaving the house, or you are, consider going commando for an extra breath of fresh air. 
  • Work it out: Doing kegels, an exercise that strengthens vaginal muscles, is one way to increase the intensity of orgasms, keeps your vagina healthy and helps fight the loss of bladder control later in life. They can be done anywhere, at any time, and no one has to know!

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